Going LIVE Checklist


It is important that you validate the website before you begin this checklist!


1.  Add main sub-domain to WPEngine portal located in Install name (example: tcuweb) > Domains > Add New Domain. Please include all sub-domain redirects too. Sub-domain redirects include the ones with www in it.

*The main sub-domain should be the one without the www.


  • Click on Add New Domain
    Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 1.11.34 PM
  • Add sub-domain and all redirects into the fields
    Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 1.10.45 PM
  • Make sure you keep the WP Engine sub-domain. You will redirect it later down the checklist.
    Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 1.17.02 PM

2.  Request the DNS change with correct  CNAME information located in WP Dashboard > WP Engine. Be sure to include sub-domain redirects if known. Read email verbiage examples here.

Email to both addresses:

  • ITNetworkservices@tcu.edu
  • ITClient-ServerServices@tcu.edu

3.  After the DNS change is complete, update the URL in the WordPress Dashboard located in Settings > General
Remember that it needs to be the sub-domain without the www.


Click here if you have trouble changing both URL (fields are gray instead of white)

4.  If the site was set up by an outside vendor, reset File Permissions located in WP dashboard > WP Engine.

WP Engine General Settings screenshot

Rest File Permissions

*You can also login to my.wpengine.com > install name > utilities

5.  Add Google Analytics after site is LIVE. Go into the WP Dashboard > Settings > Google Analytics

  • If your theme does not have the tcu-admin plugin installed, add the Google Analytics script by going to the header.php file located inside the theme folder. Copy the code right above the </head> tag.
    header-filegoogle analytics


6.  Run search2replace script. Click here for instructions on how to do this. *If you redirect the wpengine URL to the TCU sub-domain, you can skip the search2replace script step. The image below is an example of redirecting the WP Engine URL of tcukinesiology.wpengine.com to kinesiology.tcu.edu.

7.  Purge cache from WP Dashboard located in WP Engine >

WP Engine General Settings screenshot purge-caches

8.  Make sure the “Search Engine Visibility” checkbox is unchecked in WordPress dashboard. Read more about WordPress Settings
Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 3.31.41 PM

9.  Open a support ticket (email verbiage examples) with WP Engine to get our wildcard SSL certificate installed into the website. Then follow the SSL certificate instructions located here.

10.  Enable CDN in the WPEngine portal by going to Install Name > CDN

  • Enable CDN for the primary sub-domain if it is a multisite install. Example: The addran.tcu.edu sub-domain should be the only one selected. Remember that it needs to be the sub-domain without the www.
  • Open a chat session with WP Engine to make sure CDN is configured correctly with SSL settings.

11. After the SSL certificate has been installed and you completed step 9 then install the Infinite WP Client plugin (Click here for instructions on how to install the plugin).

12.  Email new URL to editors along with strong password generator link for their reference
13.  Instruct our project manager to archive Basecamp project (further edits should be communicated in Zendesk)
14.  Zip up all old files to hand off to client; delete files from webcommon