Adding, Editing and Deleting a Faculty Publication

We have upgraded and simplified the way that faculty publication data is managed. It is now all managed at the profile level.

In order to make an edit, navigate to your faculty profile page, scroll down and click on the “Edit Profile” button.

Step One

Click on the green “Edit Biography” button to activate the Biography editable region.

Step Two

Click on the blue “Faculty Publications” component then click on the pencil icon that appears along the bottom edge in the small tool overlay. If you don’t have this component on your page yet, add a new one using the Component menu in the toolbar (the icon looks like an atom).

Step Three

Add, edit, or delete the publication entry (inside the component editor, each publication gets its own Group). Don’t worry about the sort order of Groups within the component editor. We auto-sort them by Publication Date within the display templates. There is a maximum of 15 Groups allowed within the component. If you have more than that, we suggest adding some text after the component that says, “For a complete bibliography, please see my CV.”

Step Four

Save your changes. Close the component editor. Then click the save icon within the toolbar to save changes to the Biography editable region. Then click the green Publish button at the upper-right to send these updates to the Production web server.

Refresh Schedule

When you publish changes, those will apply directly to your faculty profile details page. However, listing pages only update twice per day. If you make a change in the morning, check back in the afternoon. If in the afternoon, try back the following morning.