Validate Website

Every site must be validated to ensure it meets our brand standards and web policies. A site must pass every checklist item before it is approved to go live.

Make sure the website is responsive

  • Check the website in every browser (Internet Explorer 9 and up, Safari 9 and up, Chrome, Firefox, Opera)
  • Check the website on an iPad (portrait and landscape)
  • Check the website on an iPhone (portrait and landscape)
  • Use Browserstack

Make sure the theme was built correctly

  • Create a testing page and add the Kitchen Sink copy into the text editor (
  • Add images that are right, left and center align. Add an image caption. Make sure all of that content is styled accordingly.
  • Make sure the sidebar works properly. That all widgets are styled like the rest of the website.
  • Make sure theme includes ALL major template pages
    • 404.php
    • archive.php and/or
    • comments.php
    • footer.php
    • functions.php
    • header.php
    • index.php
    • page.php
    • search.php
    • sidebar.php
    • single.php
    • taxonomy.php and/or taxonomy-{$taxonomy}.php *This template page is only needed if the archive.php will not query through specific meta data.
  • Make sure that all elements are editable by the user.
  • Install the Query Monitor plugin or the Debug Bar Plugin and navigate through the website to find any PHP errors.
  • Turn on debug mode on the site to find any PHP errors
  • Check site with JS turned off – make sure it’s functional

IMPORTANT: Remove all the testing elements you added above before the site goes live.

Make sure it is following our web policies

Do not:

  • Do not hide the top WordPress admin bar that shows up when logged into the site
  • Do not add a login link to the WordPress dashboard to the the front-end of the website
  • Do not add designed by yourcompanyname, site by yourcompanyname,
    or use any other wording to promote your business/company.


  • Do make sure all settings in WordPress are correct – WP Dashboard Settings
  • Do include the official arched TCU logo in the upper left hand corner and link back to the TCU Home Page ( Please make sure the link does not open a new window/tab.
  • Do make sure you display the following: © Texas Christian University. All rights reserved.

Make sure that all users are editors

Only the Office of Website Management and the identified support person should have an admin account. It is under the Office of Website Management’s discretion to decide if certain individuals should have an admin account.

Make sure the website is using their approved word mark.

Make sure the website is not using disallowed plugins

  1. Check to see if the plugins you are using have been approved by TCU
  2. Disallowed plugins

Make sure the website has all MUST HAVE plugins installed

* Only for the Office of Website Management

Make sure plugins, themes, and WordPress core are updated.