Modern Campus Gadgets

Gadgets are small software applications that help enhance the Modern Campus CMS.

Dependency Tag Info

The Dependency Tag Info Gadget can be used to look up anything that produces a dependency tag such as assets, pages, images, or files. It will also tell you if there are any pages that reference that dependency tag.

Modern Campus Support for Dependency Tag Info Gadget

My Checked-Out Content

The My Checked-Out Content Gadget provides a list of all your currently checked-out content and provides a way to quickly check them back in. The list will only display the content related to the selected site.

Modern Campus Support for My Checked-Out Content Gadget

TCU Custom Gadgets

Directory Gadget

The Directory Gadget can be used to get the dependency tag of a profile within the TCU directory. This is particularly useful when adding profile data to a Profile Card component.

The following video outlines how to install the Directory Gadget, how to look up a profile, and how to copy the dependency tag.

Tip: Because the component edit window blocks the gadget sidebar, it works best to use the Directory Gadget and copy the dependency tag before editing a component.