New WP Engine Install


If using a vendor that is developing in their own WordPress hosting environment, make sure you have a valid login for the test site they delivered. Use the default username with our email address. This information will be the one added into our WP-default spreadsheet located in our mkc_Web server.

1. Login into WPEngine

2. In WP Engine, click on Add Install



3. Be sure to name the install the same as the preferred URL, beginning with TCU. If the name is too long then use only the sub-domain name.

Example: TCU URL is so the install name will be tcucfac. If the name is too long like then omit TCU and just call the install communications.

4. Do NOT check Enable Multisite


5. Save Install

IMPORTANT: Make sure you add the site into our WordPress Spreadsheet.

WordPress Site

By this time you should have received an email confirming your new WordPress website. The email will contain the temporary URL, username, and instructions on how to setup the new default password.


The default username and password that is generated automatically should only be used to access the new install and create your new WordPress login information for future access.

WordPress Spreadsheet

It is very important that you add your new website into our spreadsheet. This spreadsheet needs to be in alpha order [a-z] and all http or www should be removed from the beginning of the URL.