WP Dashboard Settings

General Settings

The most important setting to set here is going to be the timezone.
Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 3.39.53 PM




The most important setting here is to make sure that Search Engine Visibility is checked during development time and unchecked when the website is live!


Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 3.42.44 PM


This area controls the comments. Even though we don’t enable comments for 98% of our websites we still need to make sure these settings are in place. This gets rid of spam.

  • Default Article settings:
    Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 2.34.01 PM
  • Other comment settings:
    Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 2.34.10 PM
  • E-mail me whenever:
    Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 2.34.20 PM
  • Before a comment appears:
    Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 2.34.27 PM
  • Comment Blacklist: Please add any IPs that are currently spamming the website. The image below have IP numbers of a few spammers for that particular site.
    Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 2.34.40 PM


Select post name

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