SSL Certificate

All our WordPress websites should use our wildcard SSL certificate. This step should be done after the DNS change has been completed. The main subdomain that needs to be used for the WordPress install should be without the www. This step is important because our wildcard SSL certificate only covers one level of subdomains. All other URLs should be redirects.


Contact WP Engine
Open a support ticket with WP Engine and ask them to install our wildcard SSL certificate into the install. If you have any problems, reference ticketĀ #469244 to them. Refer to email verbiage page for email examples.

Once WP Engine has contacted you that the SSL certificate has been added then proceed to the following steps:


11/11/15 **New** WP Engine now updates the settings for us. Here is the latest verbiage to request the ssl cert installation.

  1. Inside the WP Engine portal, go to Install Name > SSL