Editing a Faculty/Staff Profile


Navigate to your profile from your department site. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the line of text that reads “last edited on (DATE & TIME)” or, the button that says “Edit Profile”.


You will be directed to a login screen. Use your TCU USERNAME (not email) and TCU PASSWORD to log in.


To edit your basic profile information, click on the orange “MultiEdit” button at the top, center of your page.

orange MultiEdit button


To edit your biography section, click on the green “Edit Biography” button below your basic information. Please note: This is an open section, you can adjust, create or delete any sections.

Helpful Tips

Formatting Your Profile

To format your profile, we recommend using HEADING 2 for all section titles. You can change the font format in the gray toolbox above your editing area.


Editing or Adding Accordions

To add a row to your accordion, place your cursor on the last row of the accordion and simply hit the “TAB” button on your keyboard. This will create a new row.


To insert an accordion, click on the SNIPPETS button on your editing toolbar. This button looks like a puzzle piece. Then, select “Accordion” from the list and click “Insert”.


NOTE: To add or delete a faculty/staff profile, please submit a Web Support Request.