Milestones-Existing WordPress Website

WorkZone is our calendar system for the project management of a new site. TCU’s Project Manager will be responsible for assigning “milestones” applicable to the project. These milestones include:

  1. Approved site map/all content due
  2. Web Team management lead assigned
  3. Creative team kick-off meeting (Web Team lead, account executive, designer, developer, client, project manager)
  4. Present design comps – all platforms – to TCU Web Team before client reviews
  5. 1st design comp reviewed by TCU for graphic standards
  6. Design comp due to client
  7. Design comp client approval due
  8. TCU creates staging environment
  9. Start build-out/development
  10. Provide test link and admin access
  11. Web team adds test link to Siteimprove for web accessibility: WGAC 2.0 AA compliance
  12. Correct all A and AA errors from Siteimprove report
  13. Complete build-out/development
  14. Final review by TCU for graphic standards
  15. Client trained
  16. Pages populated
  17. Site migrated to TCU staging site
  18. TCU Web Team QA tests site and approves to go live
  19. Client final approval
  20. Copy staging site to live
  21. Site published
  22. Follow-up with client two weeks after going live