July 2018

  • Make Your Voice Heard

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    We have talked about our process, discussed some of the bigger goals and provided a few sneak previews of our work. Now, it is time to let you chime in. Below, in order to provide you with a general sense of the site’s feel, you will see high-fidelity representations of the two design systems being…

  • Content Management Systems

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    During our all-campus sessions earlier this year, you heard me mention that we were investigating alternative web architectures to the current WordPress setup. I also know that many folks around campus want to know why. WordPress is hugely popular. It is a PHP web application that was originally created as a blog engine, a fast…

  • Two Designs Diverged in a Purple Wood

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    For the last several years, TCU sites have been shifting over to the Web Standards design system developed by the Office of Website & Social Media Management. This design system was used to build the Web Standards parent WordPress theme, as well as several child WordPress themes. We also have a flat HTML version available…